Dacron Wrap – A Must For High Quality Upholstery

dacron wrap

When people buy upholstered products like sofas, pillows and cushions, they all want the best quality. But how do most people determine if the upholstered product they are looking at has the good quality they are looking for? Well most just go by the way the sofa, or cushion feels. Is it soft enough? Does it have the firmness required to bounce back into shape after use? Does the upholstery feel right – whatever they may mean by feeling right. But high quality upholstery requires more than that.

To make high quality upholstered products you need skilled people; this is a must not only in the upholstery industry but in everything else. To this end many upholstery professionals have banded themselves into organizations such as the Upholsterer’s Association of North America to push each other to further improve their craft. The workmanship of professionals can be seen externally through the seams of the upholstery, its smoothness, softness and resiliency. If you see lumps, uneven consistency, and burst seams, you can be sure that the upholstery was not made by an experienced professional.

High quality upholstery needs to be made of good quality materials. From the outside all the buyer may be able to see are the upholstery covers, but in some cases that is sufficient indication of quality; in most cases though, the buyer needs to ask what is behind the upholstery cover. For truly high quality upholstery everything inside from the webbing, springs if any, backing material, and fillers have to be of good quality. While it is easy to get good quality materials for the filling, some upholstery still do not have one of the essentials; a good Dacron wrap. For a great selection of Dacron material, visit www.roncofurniture.net.

Though other materials may be used for wrapping, such as low density foam, cotton, and many others, Dacron is the best padding available. But what is Dacron and what makes them so essential to a good upholstery job?

Dacron is a polyester fiber that is known by many names in the upholstery industry, such as: Kodel, Terylene, Poly wrap, Cushion wrap, Fiberfill, Holfil, or simply polyester. It is available in varied qualities to suit different requirements. Some have their resins and hardeners removed from the final product to allow a softer, smoother and more consistent feel. Others contain resins and hardeners; these are slightly rougher to the touch, but drain a lot faster and are indicated for use on outdoor upholstered items.

Dacron wrap for foam cushions give them smoother edges and a more consistently soft feel. Since they do not compress, Dacron wrapping evens out slight imperfections in the inner fill material, usually cut foam, and always bounces back to shape. Where Dacron is used to wrap underlying foam or other types of filling, there would be no lumps on the finished product.

Dacron also resists mold, mildew and parasites; it does not contain anything that would host these undesirable infestations. What is more, proper Dacron covering ensures that the upholstery cover does not touch any hard furniture frame, making the upholstery more durable.

So if you need new furniture or are looking to have old furniture repaired, make sure the upholstery contains Dacron wrapping. It would last longer that way.