What is the Best Filling for Pillows?

So, you’re asking ‘what is the best pillow filling material?’

Well, it really depends on your unique needs, preferences, and — in many cases — your budget.

Ideally, you would want to try out as many different types of pillows to find the best pillow filling for you, but that might not be possible. In this post, we take a look at the top pillow fillings.

Best Pillow Filling Materials

1. Down

Arguably the ‘gold standard’ of pillow filling, down is known for being lightweight, incredibly comfortable, and durable. Down is also biodegradable, which makes it green-friendly too.

However, down has its costs, both literally and figuratively. Down pillow filling will be your costliest option, but it will also last the longest of your options (you may be able to recoup your costs in the long-run).

Down is also difficult to clean and, though soft, some might consider it too soft for their needs. Finally, some might consider it inhumane in that it comes from plucking dead or
living birds, which could involve other issues (e.g., hunting, farming, etc).

2. Polyester

Polyster can be among the best pillow filling materials for people who want a low-cost option that just ‘gets the job done.’ Polyster filling is incredibly cheap, light, and easy to clean. If you like a warm bed, polyster will also warm up quicker by retaining your body heat.

However, it also has a much shorter lifespan due to clumping. It’s ability to retain body heat might be uncomfortable to those who prefer cooler sleeping environments. Polyester is also potentially a health risk due to its heavy use of chemicals, such as benzene and others.

3. Shredded Memory Foam

Finally, you might consider shredded memory foam. It doesn’t clump and can adjust to the head support needs of most people. However, it gives off a chemical odor, which some can be very sensitive to.

4. Wool Pillow Filling

The big advantage with wool is that it insulates heat really well, which is great for cold areas or people who love warm sleeping environments. It’s also completely natural and free of any chemicals or toxic materials. However, some find that it has an odor, and it doesn’t mold for supporting some support needs as well as other options. Like down, it affects animals.

Ultimately, the best pillow filling for you depends on your unique preferences and needs.